Untitled Zombie Game 0.05

This is an early, unfinished build of the game.

I’ve been working off and on as a solo developer on a zombie shooter since 2017 with some huge breaks from this project, and started again working in december 2019, made the first public upload of a alpha build. New goal was finished the alpha build right before the end of the decade, I have no interest in 2020 continue working with UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

As a solo developer, I make everything myself*, 3D models 97% (only player, zombie, tree models are not mine), textures 98%, and sounds are from opengameart.org.

64-Bit: https://ggbot.net/download/game/Untitled_Zombie_Game_64-bit.zip
1) Copy folder “Win64” to …\Untitled Zombie Game\Binaries\
2) Open …\Untitled Zombie Game\Binaries\Win64\UDK.exe